Shandong Linzi to vegetables increase the ampampquotmeaningampampquot to conquer the world with a brand

“The two cars ‘Fangxin Cai’ is made to supply Beijing’s new vegetable market, loaded 10 tons per vehicle. Zan Linzi vegetables can enter the city of Beijing, people saw in the quality of vegetables is good to eat safe and secure!” Shandong Zibo Jade bamboo vegetable cooperatives responsible Wang Zhixian great interest to reporters. It is now the peak season demand of vegetables every day to buy food merchants vegetable base after another.

    Shandong Linzi vegetables favored to win a large market, backed by the connotation of the brand to conquer the world. In recent years, Linzi District, adhere to the vegetable industry connotation of development, continue to increase financial support for efforts to comprehensively push forward scientific and technological progress, upgrading of vegetables. Today, Linzi has become the province’s major production base of green vegetables, quality vegetable sown area of 17.8 mu region, the total output reached 1.12 million tons, sales income of 1.36 billion yuan. Linzi successfully among the “National Vegetable Standardization Demonstration Area”, “National Ecological Agricultural Research Area”, “high-quality vegetable production base in China,” “Top Ten Chinese fruit and vegetable area,” the ranks and enjoy the “hometown of Chinese tomato” and reputation. Linzi vegetable quality and brand by rapidly opening international market, sales network covers Beijing, Shanghai and other large cities, and tentacles extending sales to Japan, Russia and other countries and regions.

    New technology to lead the “green revolution.” In recent years, Linzi District, relying on “green card export agricultural products in Shandong Province Plan of Action”, 20 million mu of standardized production base of green vegetables such as implementation of the project, has introduced bio-reactor to promote the straw, soil testing and fertilizer, vegetable fertilizer facilities, the integration of eco-organic type soilless culture for 20 more advanced and practical technology, launched a green vegetable production, “the second revolution.” The region has more than 3,000 greenhouses promote the use of a straw bio-reactor technology, promote the use of a 6000 yellow and blue panels greenhouse insect technique, so that “not see manure fertilization, pest control without medication.” The area of production of “Bamboo” brand tomatoes, summer squash, peppers, sweet pepper, cucumber and green all allowed to use the national flag.

   ”Back yard” to a “safety valve.” Today, the major supermarkets in the city, posted a “back yards” and “Bamboo” brand is particularly popular vegetable. Through this small retrospective code, consumers can be directly traced to vegetables, “American-born” and the “full experience”, in the protection of vegetable quality and safety has a “safety valve.” It is understood, bamboo vegetable cooperatives, members have included all of the unified management of the implementation of “one-stop” service, vegetable varieties, seeding, fertilization, irrigation, harvesting, processing, testing, sales and other links all the unified standards for each community a farmers, each dish shelf, one by one number every vegetable varieties, all input computer registration, and establish a unified production files, and paste back yards, back yards achieved by full quality control.

    Policy “incubator” standard. Linzi district fully implemented standardized production of vegetables each year to support capital investment 1500 million. Region has been the development of specialized households 60,000 vegetable, vegetable greenhouse 76,000, a high standard of green vegetables, up to 27 demonstration areas, vegetable technical services, marketing and other specialized cooperative economic organizations 26. The area also has invested more than 100 million to establish a nine vegetable inspection station, give full play to enterprise, wholesale, professional cooperatives and other multi-point detection, and construct “from garden to table” the entire process quality inspection and monitoring system. As long as sampling the temperature, humidity, watering, fertilization, drugs such as any part of “illegal” firmly against the vegetables out on the shelf. Currently, the district has four famous brand, 22 green brands, two brands of organic vegetables, as Linzi vegetables “sold the country” and enter the international market, “Golden signs.”

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