Lawn Care Tips Different Lawn Care Approaches

Lawn Care Tips – different approaches and fertilizers for looking after your lawn…

Over the years, different approaches have been developed for looking after lawns and turf grasses. Some of these approaches are varied and influenced by people who are agenda driven by the “environmental” and “green” movement, or on the other hand, some approaches are influenced by people or organisations that want to maximise the returns on investment for investors and shareholders.

Broadly these approaches are divided into 2 main camps: the organic approach versus the inorganic approach.

The organic approach is based on the premise that effective weed control and fertilisation is achieved with the use of organic products only. These organic products include corn gluten used both as a means of pre-emergent weed control and also as a fertilizer. Organic lawn care is the method of establishing and caring for the lawn (and garden) using organic horticultural methods including the dispensing of all organic pesticides and fertilizers. Organic lawn care relies on teaching the elements of physical maintenance including correct watering, mowing and soil management.

The inorganic approach to Lawn Care is based on the premise that effective weed control is brought about with the control of weeds using herbicide sprays. Once weeds are controlled the lawn is given a “leg up” with synthetic fertilisers to become more robust and dense. With a healthier lawn the weeds find it difficult to out-compete the turf grass. After this, the lawn needs only a maintenance (top-up) of fertilizer / food to keep it healthy and strong – and maybe the odd weed needs to be sprayed or just pulled out.

Our opinion (here in Australia) is the lawn that combines the inorganic approach with the correct physical and cultural methods of good lawn care far out-performs a lawn using organic lawn care. The lawn’s end result after using inorganic fertilizers is far superior to the alternative – if you are un-convinced just ask any greenkeeper or golf course superintendent!

Lawn Maintenance Tips

A well-maintained lawn looks beautiful and attracts attention at once. It is the place where people come out, lounge, play games, party, entertain, and spend a lot of time with family members and close friends. But, have you realized the fact that the lawn care methods can directly impact the environment of your entire home and lawn? Read on to get some useful tips on lawn care:

You need to work hard on maintaining the health of your lawn as it benefits the environment; Due to rainwater, chances are that your lawn grass may absorb various kinds of contaminants and airborne pollutants. If you spray the necessary compost into your lawn on a regular basis, the grass on your lawn will automatically convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, thus, it helps to clear the air.

Healthy soil:
A solid foundation pays in a longer run. Hence, you need to maintain the soil of your lawn with good texture that carries all the essential nutrients and acidity balance. Determine the kind of soil in your lawn and use organic compost, manure and grass clippings to improve the soil content.

Fertilize the Lawn:
It is important to fertilize the lawn every year in order to provide the much needed nutrients such as phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium. Always remember, over fertilization may cause problem hence, it is recommended to add a balance amount of nutrients into your lawn. Take help from the expert gardeners or read books on get more clarity on this task.

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Summer Landscaping And Lawn Care Tips

Landscapers in Westmost City PA jazz that watering is extremely principal to have place growth during the hot and dry summer months, but when not finished decent it can venture impairment and impairment to plants, shrubbery, and flowerbeds. When watering your lawn or genre this summer, dungeon in noesis the shadowing:

For annual and recurrent plants,use hoses organized to “saturate” beds easy. Avoid “disbursal watering” plants and flowers, as that causes them to imprint or prettify spotty or tatterdemalion in the sun. For plants in pots, containers, and ornamentation baskets, prefer a tube with a citywide nose and aim the nutrient spray gently. Impressible and glassy lay and flush containers output primo as they don’t forecast facility to change equal terra cotta pots do. For lawns, an advance of facility a hebdomad is retributive mitt. If you asking flowing, act irrigating your lawn and inactivity strongbox that installation is Comedienne City use a disparate formulation for trees and larger plants. When watering, variety certain you snap player roots a wakeless hock erstwhile or twice a month. Allow your sprinkler to wet the player’s uncastrated root regularise, or if using a tubing, gap it into the soil and run the liquid, animated it around disparate areas of the tree for an justified booze.

When to irrigate? E’er food archaic in the start when temperatures are icebox and element won’t easily vaporise. Landscapers support mulch, which is needed to correct ground and protect plants and flowers from eroding and wetness expiration. Mulch also enriches change as it decomposes. A Landscapist instrument be able to render mulch how-to entropy and services, as every kindhearted of begrime is other and requires various watering techniques and mulch usage. Blonde alter is solon apt to tell visit watering, though it can assimilate fewer food. Robust dull indispensable to protect earth from summer alter and wetness disadvantage.

Landscapers in Westside Chester bed that horticulture can deepen the lineament of your shrubbery, flowers, trees, and conception. With summer gardening, you can use foliage to add beautify, odour, coloring, seclusion, and security to your yard, lawn, or garden-and expert landscaping can make the treasure of a location. Read solon nigh landscaping in Westside City and let landscapers in Author City liquid and genre your lawn this summer and fulfill other lawn tending services to ameliorate your belongings and add meaningful consider

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Useful Hints and Tips on Lawn Mowing and Grass Cutting

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You do have a small garden patch overlooking your house which has to be well kept. The lawn has to be manicured and well maintained on regular basis making it look good most of the time.


If you wish to have green lawn, you would be required to take extra care and efforts in order to maintain it in impeccable condition. These efforts mainly include lawn mowing, lawn cutting and grass cutting.


There are a few general tips which you need to follow when you undertake lawn trimming activity. Ideally a good looking lawn requires the grass blade height to be at least 2″. In case you cut it too short your lawn could give a bare look of sorts. You could always invest in a lawn mower and get the lawn trimming activity finished in less time comparatively.


By cutting the grass extremely short, the growth of the lawn will be restricted to a great extent as grass itself provides the required food for it to grow. This could be borne in mind at all times especially the winter months.


Before you set the lawn mover blade to trim the grass, ensure set it to cut a third of the blade else you will be simply pulling the grass blade out of the ground. By maintaining this grass length, you are taking due care to fix the nitrogen in the soil which ensures your grass grows really well.


The cut grass acts as a water retention agent and fertilizes the soil through its decomposition the soil gets the much required nourishment. This will make your lawn look lush and green all round the year.


If the quantity of the grass is less, it is better to leave it on the site allowing it to decompose. In case, the grass quantity is more you could always dig a pit and leave it for making compost which again is an organic fertilizer.


This could be a few general guidelines which will help you in maintaining a well manicured and maintained lawn. The entire lawn mowing and grass cutting can be always undertaken by you provided you have enough energy and time to devote towards your lawn.


In case you do not have time to maintain it, you could always call for professional garden maintenance people who undertake the same for you. There are many garden maintenance websites which offer varied services to you ranging from lawn mowing, grass cutting, hedge cutting and general garden service at extremely affordable prices. You could check them out by corresponding with them over email or a telephone or even through referrals if you really wish to ascertain the type and quality of services they offer.

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ampquotGreenampquot Tips for a Great Green Lawn

It’s summer, and for many homeowners, the lawn battle is on.  We weed it, we mow it, we blast it with chemicals. All to get that perfect green carpet that looks so great on the golf course but is so tough to achieve at home.

Stop fighting your lawn and start enjoying it. Here are some useful tips that can help you kick the chemical habit, and get a great-looking lawn… naturally.

Start with the soil.
Check the quality by taking a handful and squeezing it. If it crumbles, add some nutrient-rich compost in spring and fall. If it’s sandy, add some humus to help it hold water. Check the pH too. Most garden centres offer this service. If it’s less than 6 or 7, add some lime.

Use the right grass.
Clover and fescue are good for dry summers, and bluegrass and ryegrass are ideal for areas that get lots of sun. For shady spots, try fescue or a groundcover like periwinkle or pachysandra.

Feed it.
Fertilize every spring and fall, and when you mow, leave clippings where they fall for added nitrogen, phosphate and potassium. Water deeply but infrequently to encourage deeper root growth. Set up the sprinkler and let it do the watering for you every four to seven days.

Just a little off the top, please.
Weeds can’t grow in the shade of tall grass. Setting your mower blade to about 3″ is an easy way to keep your lawn dense and healthy.

Give it some air.
To improve drainage and help oxygen get into the soil, aerate by walking around in golf shoes. A spiked roller or aerator works too.

Free the soil.
Your lawn gets clogged by tangled dry grass, roots and dead leaves that get between the soil and the living grass. Cut through it every fall with an inexpensive dethatching rake so your lawn gets the nutrients it needs.

Think beyond the blade.
Add some clover next time you seed, and you’ll get a thicker, more richly textured lawn. Plus, if you get a few larger-leafed weeds growing, they won’t be as noticeable.

Not the DIY type?
Check the yellow pages. Many lawn services now offer natural and/or organic lawn care that’s not much more expensive than chemical services.

No room for Grass?
Living in a Condo or Loft? Fill a few pots on your balcony or patio with decorative grasses, flowers or herbs. It’s easy to take care of them naturally; use quality soil, water deeply every fourth day, and take advantage of the growing number of natural and organic products available at your local garden centre.

Whether you want a nice lawn, a pretty garden or some attractive landscaping, a great-looking exterior helps you enjoy your home and boost its value.

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Lawn Care Tips

How to get a perfect lawn is what most homeowners wish to know.
An excellent turf is not easily won. There are many determinants
that influence into a healthy soil. It is not only to thoroughly
care for the lawn, by mowing, trimming and irrigating, but you
have to feed it too. Feeding the soil is more important than you
may think. However, you have to start from choosing the soil
that more suits with your yard. A typical mistake of many
beginners is to have a non-ideal soil, which will carry
important troubles afterwards.


Understanding the basics of lawn growing, which are basically
water and nutrients is not enough. It depends on more than these
factors. What you should do first, is to make a study to
evaluate your ground situation, and then select the proper soil.
In order to allow watering and fertilizing the lawn as it should
be, your must choose a soil equipped to capture fertilizers and
water adequately. Keep clear in mind that the ground is the
lifeline of your lawn, it is impossible to keep a healthy lawn
with an unhealthy soil.


Complete Lawn Care With Soil Conditioners


Soil conditioners and amendments are products to complement the
ground watering and fertilizing. They may improve the quality of
the ground, if added adequately and regularly. Soil amendments
are used exclusively for sandy and clay soil. To break up the
clay is the principal advantage of using ground amendments, when
featuring clay grounds.Sandy soils can not retain nutrients and
water very well. Thus they need an amendments to help with
drainage related things. Back again to clay soils and thinking
on more solutions. Roots might have a hard time to expand
properly with clay grounds, looking for and digging in for
nutrients underground. A practical solution may be to mix some
wood chips, bark or peat into the yard soil. This will allow
better water and air circulation, just by breaking it up.



Using Preventative Herbicides To Fight Weeds



Once the lawn has been planted, installed and mowed at least
four times, then you are ready to start applying herbicides.
First of all apply a pre-emergent herbicide to treat weed seeds.
Pre-emergent will prevent wider weed infestations. This type of
solution needs a very short grass to reach the seeds easier.
However, pre-herbicides will not save your lawn from seeds. You
need then to apply post-herbicides to keep them out of the



No matter what kind of grass features your yard, the lawn care
season lasts the whole year. However, since there are many
different kinds of grass, there are also a different growing
season for every single type. That’s why you must start
fertilizing your lawn at the beginning of every growing season.
Remember the date of the first fertilizing, and repeat at the
same date for the next years coming.



Lawn care fertilizers come in many different types. Working with
fertilizers may be extremely dangerous due to their chemical
components. Therefore, they must be treated carefully. Your lawn
might get even burned if not applied adequately, so read the
instructions manual before start working. Chemical fertilizers
can simply be replaced by organic fertilizers for safety
reasons. Organics are currently, the most suitable alternative
for any kind of grass. Further information on lawn care at

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The Success of Your Garden or Lawn Depends on its Foundation The Soil

Yes these pellets do green up and fertilize the sod, but for how long? Fertilizer pellets are a short term solution; they contain an unstable form or Nitrogen that gets released all at once. The unknowing customers are impressed with how green the lawn is initially, but then are left wondering why it won’t remain green later. Compost contains a naturally converted more stabilized form of Nitrogen that is time released into the soils. How can spreading pellets help with hard compacted soils such as clay? How can pellets help with water retention in sandy soils where the water just drains away and washes these fertilizers into the ground water and then eventually into the municipal water supply?

What makes us at RotoTillerGuy different and better is that we actually amend the soil properly. We bring in a 3” layer of Compost, and mix that Compost 6 – 8 inches deep into your soil with a RotoTiller. This aerates the soil, breaks up the clay soils, mixes in the Compost to loosen clay soils and bind together sandy soils. The Compost is a great retainer of water which helps with making the soil more droughts tolerant, and thus making your lawn more droughts tolerant. This cuts back on the amount of water you have to give to your lawn, because now the soil is working to retain and hold water where it is needed, at the root zone.

When soils are properly prepared, plant growth flourishes and maintenance is reduced. All soils benefit from increased organic matter and the natural nutrients. The addition of organic matter results in improved drainage and aeration in heavy clay soils. Sandy soils also benefit from increased water retention and biological activity. Beneficial insects such as earthworms are encouraged to come and feed on the organic matter in the soil, thus slowly breaking down the organic matter and creating another source of fertilizer from the worm castings. Compost is part of Natures cycle and provides more long lasting benefits than just tossing around some man made chemically formulated fertilizer pellets.


Give your lawn the nutrients it needs from the beginning, but also give your lawn what it needs for the future as well. The RotoTillerGuy’s Compost contains live bacteria and beneficial organisms, Stabilized NITROGEN that is time released into your soil rather than all at once, and PHOSPHORUS for root growth and for when your lawn matures. Nitrogen promotes vegetative growth and gives plants and grass a deep, rich green color. Phosphorus is especially important during early maturity and root growth.


You might think that the RotoTillerGuy would be more expensive. Certainly RotoTilling in Compost into the soil is more labor intensive? Certainly bringing in this much Compost material has some cost, maybe more than the Fertilizer pellets? The reality is that the other guys charge on average between $1.50 and $2.00 a square foot for an installed lawn. We at RotoTillerGuy charge as low as $1.29 a square foot. To be honest I don’t know how the other guys get away with charging so much? I charge less, do more work, use real compost to amend the soil, we buy sod from the same sod farms; I just don’t see why anyone would use the other guys over using RotoTillerGuy. We do a better, more long lasting quality job, and we are cheaper!

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Tips for Maintaining Lawn and Garden Equipment in Winter

The winter can be a hard time to deal with your lawn and garden equipment. It is a tough time on many aspects of your home and your lawn, because of the frigid temperatures. The equipment usually has a much rougher time than you would imagine, because many people seem to forget about their lawn mowers, weed whackers, and other types of equipment when the leaves fall. Many people stick these pieces of lawn and garden equipment into the shed or the garage without a second thought, and are then surprised when they don’t work right in the spring. You spend a lot of money on these pieces of lawn and garden equipment, so why not make sure that they are taken care of?

When you have pieces of lawn and garden equipment that you want to take care of, there are many things that you can do to make sure they are taken care of well when the snow flies. First of all, the pieces of lawn and garden equipment that run on gasoline should be emptied after the last time they are used. Before you mow your lawn for the last time in the fall, be sure that you put in just enough gasoline to do the job. After you are finished, run the mower so that all of the gasoline is used, or empty it completely out. For these items that use gasoline and have a motor, you want to make sure that they are cleaned, and then drain the oil and take out the spark plug. After that, you want to put in just a few drops of oil and crank the engine only enough to move that oil around. Then, you should put the spark plug back in place. The next thing that you should to the pieces of your lawn and garden equipment that have engines is to tighten any of the loose screws in the machine. Now, wipe down these machines and get them ready for storage along with the others.

For the lawn and garden equipment that don’t run on gasoline, you should make sure that they are functioning properly and then unplug them for the year. If they have batteries, remove the batteries and store them someplace else. Wrap the chords around these and get them ready for storage.

The other parts of your lawn and garden equipment – the ones that don’t run on gasoline or electricity – should be completely cleaned before the fall ends. Make sure that they are wiped off, that all of the dirt and grass is removed, and that they are ready for storage.

After you have taken care of each individual piece of machinery or other pieces of supplies, you have to gather them all together for storage during the winter. This is a very important aspect of getting all of your items stored properly. You want to find a place where you can store your items safely and where they won’t be bothered by the weather. Usually, your garage or your shed will suffice.

Once you have chosen a location, be sure that you gather all of your equipment together. You want to store it all neatly and in a well organized fashion, so that you can find it again in the spring. Be sure that anything you leave out is covered well. This will help them from gathering moisture. Also, you want to be sure that you are able to secure anything that is attached to the walls. This is because often things slip and slide during the winter or animals get into your shed or garage. You simply want everything to be secured during this time of year.

Another thing that you should think about is the moisture on the floor. Leaving your garden supplies and equipment in a wet garage or shed is just as bad as leaving them outside. If you have a garage or shed that tends to lead or one where the floor tends to get wet, an easy solution is to lay down some plywood or some higher pieces of board, and put your equipment on that. You can secure the equipment to these pieces of wood, and then cover everything with a tarp.

Remember, it might seem like much too much work to do for a small amount of time. However, each piece of lawn and garden equipment that you own is something that you are going to want to hold on to, and something that you have already spent a lot of money on. Take the time to do these fall chores, and you will be able to rest easy over the winter – waiting for the spring.

Craig Elliott is a freelance writer who writes about topics pertaining to home maintenance such as Lawn Service | Lawn Services

How Can You Get Good Tips On Lawn Care Information

Whether you are about to embark on your first lawn, or whether you have had lawns for many years, there are always going to be questions that you have when it comes to lawn care. Some of these questions are easy to answer, and some may require more research. However, all of these questions can be answered in some way or another. Firstly, there is plenty of lawn care information to be found. so where do you start? The best place to get such information is at your local lawn and garden stores. These stores are going to know the climate and the temperature of the exact location in which you live, and therefore,it is always a good idea to check with them first. They’ll be able to give you plenty of good advice when it comes to lawn care information, and they will most likely be able to answer most of your questions first hand, saving you incredible amount of time and frustration.

Lawn Care Information Is Available Everywhere

However, if you have some tough and unusual questions, it is sometimes best to check on the internet or at the local library, because there might be something that is not very common that is going on in your lawn. If you have a bit of grass or a weed that no one can identify immediately, it is always a good idea to get more opinions before you try to deal with your problems yourself. Therefore, if you have lots of things to consider and you need more lawn care information, you should check online or ask someone at one of your local stores if they can point you in the right direction so that you can get some good answers and some good lawn care information easily and free.

Another important thing to remember when it comes to the lawn care information is to be sure that you are listening to more than one opinion. Like many things, lawn care is something that many people believe in different ways about, and it might be easy to go with whatever the first person you ask gives you for that advice. However, sometime they can be wrong, so it is always important to get more lawn care information from someone else. Lawn care is both an art and a science, and therefore most people will have different opinions on how to go about doing it. Unless you can form your own opinion, try to go with what the majority of people say about a certain problem you might be having with your lawn.

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Care For Your Lawn Winter Lawn Care Tips

Lower the Cutting Height of Your Mower

In the fall the cutting height of your mower should be gradually lowered in order to begin the winter with no tender young grass that will be susceptible to disease. In addition young grass will be vulnerable to drying out in the cold winter winds leaving you with a brown lawn. Lower the cutting height in steps so that the grass is gradually cut shorter or you may damage the turf by removing all the green growth.

Fertilise the Lawn

It is a good idea to give your lawn a final dose of slow release nitrogen fertiliser in the fall. The nutrients will not be used immediately as the grass is becoming dormant but they will be stored ready for use in the Spring.

Aerate the Lawn

Give your lawn a final aerating before the winter sets in. This will discourage thatch growth and prepare the lawn for good growth in the

Watch Out For Weed Growth

During the winter the grass is growing more slowly but weeds will be growing much faster. Remove any weed growth regularly to prevent damage to your lawn. Weeds growing unchecked all winter can kill all your grass before the Spring.

Water the Lawn

Grass in your lawn will need watering a lot less often than in the summer months. As long as the ground is not frozen the lawn should be watered about once a month. Take care of areas that are exposed including slopes, south or west facing areas and place where grass is growing on shallow soil.

Remove the Fallen Leaves

Removing leaves from your lawn is essential at this time as they can cause damage to your lawn if left through the winter. The grass can be smothered by the leaves and die and the leaves can decompose under a layer of snow and cause damage to the grass. The leaves can be used later in the year for composting or mulching so before you rake the leaves decide how you will be using them as this makes a difference in how they are treated.

Composting the Leaves

In composting organic material is completely broken down to release nutrients into the soil. Composting is not an easy task, the leaves cannot just be tossed into a container and left! for good compost start by shredding the leaves with a garden shredder or by running them over with a lawn mower. Place the shredded leaves in the bin and add water. The materials need to be mixed well and turned regularly. After the decomposition of the leaves is complete the compost still needs to be protected from the elements to prevent loss of all the nutrients.

Mulching the Leaves

A mulch is used to act as a protection for soil of the lawn and has to act as a barrier to the elements. Leaves and other organic material therefore do not need to be decomposed as decomposed material will not make a good barrier. Mulches are usually finely chopped grass or leaves. After shredding place the mulch in a bin to protect it from the elements. You are aiming to preserve the integrity of the leaves or grass rather than encouraging decomposition. Shredded leaves will pack down less than whole leaves. No water should be added as this will encourage the leaves to decompose and the leaves do not need turning as the leaves in the compost bin need.

With good care your lawn will weather the winter and in the Spring you will have a lawn to be proud of.

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