Free Tips on Working from Home and Not Away from Home

Are you among those individuals who are searching for hot business opportunities you can venture in while in the comforts of your home? Then the following list may be of great help to you.

Notice that the word “may” was there. Like any business, successful home business need appropriate skills and knowledge. This type of business is not suitable for those who want to make money while they sleep or those who are looking for a money-making machine.

Here are a few of the “in” things regarding home-based business ideas and opportunities:

1. Services on Home Renovation

As population ages, more and more people are going to choose the services of home renovations to make their shelters more livable. Moreover, there is no sign that this trend is going to slow down. You can focus on one area to renovate, for instance, bathroom as you start on this business.

2. Pet-Based Products

There is nothing that indulgent pet owners will not buy for their lovable pets. You can make clothes, collars, other accessories, and even organic pet foods to impress the owners as well as their pets.

Thus, if you know a lot about the temperaments of an array of pets, you can use your knowledge to earn while at home.

3. Catering Services

Nowadays, catering services are not meant for big parties only. Busy families and career couples who are tired of spending on take-out food, which are normally eaten cold, will want their food brought in.

If you have a knack for planning and setting up appealing and nourishing food, this is the business opportunity you would surely do not want to miss.

4. Cleaning Services

At present, the demand for cleaning services is heavy so the trend will definitely increase. Thus, if you are comfortable at the idea of having a cleaning crew and leading them throughout the work, then this business is one heck of an idea that will help you earn a lot.

5. Products for Fall Prevention

This business is relatively new though this serves as a great potential for making it big in the market. According to statistics, more than 10 million dollars accounts for the rehabilitation of seniors. The cause of most fatal injuries among this group of individuals is fall.

Therefore, if you can think of products and/or ways to prevent falls in seniors, then you have a marketable business at hand.

6. Wedding Planner/Consultant Services

Use your golden eye for details. Exhaust your creative mind to come up with great wedding motifs. Practice your leadership skills in organizing remarkable events during the wedding date.

There are couples who still opt to get married in a garden, along a beach, or in a church. Moreover, if the gay relationships are allowed to get married, your market will definitely increase.

7. Dietary Consultant Services

Due to heightened awareness of people about the connection between general well-being and dietary practices and habits, consultancy regarding diets keeps on increasing. At present, improvement on technology helps to determine other risks involved in eating a variety of food.

If you are a health conscious yourself, why not use your knowledge and interests in improving you own dietary habits into a profitable practice?

8. In-Home Beauty Services

The insatiable demand for beauty services will even become a hit as you render these services right in the comforts of your customers’ homes. Then if you have just enough information on beauty remedies and have tested their effectiveness to yourself, you can be a walking advertisement to your products and services.

9. Alteration and Sewing Services

Since sewing is becoming a lost art as more and more people are becoming more occupied, the demand for this type of service will surely escalate. You do not have to lose those golden hands, too. Use them to create what others have no time for.

10. Business/Life Coaching Services

Those who can afford a personal trainer will definitely be indulgent to pay their coach for their knowledge and training tips. If you have the appropriate time, skills, and knowledge for this type of service, you can venture on this one and conduct personal or distance learning.

The business opportunities listed above call for specialized skills and/or training. However you can be an angel investor for others who are skilled on any of the business ideas mentioned. This way, you can still be a part of the business and be rewarded by it!

Consider all of these while free tips last!

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Tips to Avoid Rust Remove Rust From Metal and Car

It is practically impossible to keep iron from moisture and oxygen. Especially those living in humid region suffer a lot to protect their cars and metallic items from rust. And when rusting begins, it becomes a pain. Rust removal is a daunting task and requires extreme manual effort.

However, there is a good alternative! If you use organic rust remover, rust can be cleaned without having your fingers lifted. Spray based rust cleaners are quite easy to use and effective too. Remember the days of sandpaper; you needed to scrub the metal with sandpaper or something similar to remove rust and rust stains.

Natural cleaning products have definitely made life much simpler. However, prevention is always better than cure – it is always good to protect your car or metals from rust from the beginning. Rusting weakens iron from inside. The paragraphs below describe different ways to avoid rust.

How to avoid rust – Rust treatment:

Household metal items when left untouched for long catch molds. So pay special attention to the iron items that you are not using. Garden tools, lawnmower, pliers etc. are something you do not need everyday. And when you take them out of your tool box after a long pause, you see rust to have set in already. Long gap helped moisturizer and oxygen to react with iron and to form a series of hydrated iron oxide in peace.

Rust is a chemical product. It is a series of ferric oxide, ferrous oxide and water. It is reddish brown in color and a bit bulky. Since the same mass or iron increases in volume in rust, the product becomes porous and fragile. Rusty iron is weak and unable to withstand load.

When you touch rusty iron rusts slip into your hand in powdered form. And when clothes, upholstery, curtain or any other thing come into contact with rusty metal, they get stained as well. Rusty window siding, doors, pipes often leave ugly stains on the exterior walls of your home too.

Stains and look are different issue; rust becomes dangerous when it attacks machineries and automobiles. On rusting the performance of the instruments deteriorate and increase the risk of breakdown and accidents. After rust removal from metal, not only the products look good and start to shine, but their performance improves as well.

One effective way to avoid rust is to wrap susceptible items very tightly with waterproof or rustproof materials and then store them in a dry place. Make sure the items are cleaned properly before you wrap them; traces of moisture are enough to begin rusting.

So dry the things properly and make sure they remain dry in the store. You can use dehumidifier to maintain humidity of indoor environment. To keep your car or any other metal items from rust you need to maintain them properly. Waterproof emulsion is often painted over metal surface so that moisture, water and oxygen cannot access it. This is a good way to stop metal corrosion. However, you need to ensure that the emulsion does not react with iron chemically; otherwise the main purpose won’t be served.

Click to know more about how you may keep your bike rust free using organic rust removers and other rust products .

Wedding in Rome Top Tips from Award Winning Wedding Coordinator

What a great place to get married, however every time I am asked to organize a wedding in Rome,  I think of a themed wedding as the capital is just so appropriate for such an event.   I imagine being greeted by a Roman centurion and making my way up to a terrace where a panoramic view of Rome overwhelms me and my guests.  Torches are lit and the whole terrace comes alive with small votives on the tables and terracotta style candles.  Of course all my guests have arrived in evening wear and they are greeted by my centurions who serve canapés and a range of hors d’oeuvres to guests who also help themselves to the fountain which just exudes red and white wine ….. it is now time to head to the grand ballroom where the table is laid out imperial style and the reception commences… dish after dish, this is an extravagant affair….. Oh sorry I am dreaming again !!!!

Rome is a capital city, beautiful and romantic but the reality is also that all the normal factors like traffic, noise, pollution are also part of the every day reality, so when considering Rome, make sure that you are not expecting quiet and tranquil as Rome is definitely not tranquil.  The beauty of getting married in Rome is simple and below is some of my reasoning:

For a civil wedding, you have 3 places to choose from.  The buildings where the weddings take place are historical and are all located in the centre of the city.  There is something here for everyone, from the simple to the formal, from the small and intimate to the large.

For all those of you wishing to have a religious wedding, there are many options to choose from. It is possible in Rome to either have a Catholic or a Protestant wedding as this is allowed.  The options just keep on getting better and couples can get married in the Vatican and even in St Peter’s Basilica or my favourite building the Pantheon.

If you wish to marry outside the confines of the town hall, there are a few gardens in Rome where the wedding can take place or even terraces, however we often suggest that our couples head outside Rome for this wedding type.

Rome is easy to get to from the UK and from Ireland as there are 2 main airports and the connections are great even from a world wide perspective with the Roman airports like Fiumicino and Ciampino being the main hub connecting the world.

The offer for accommodation is good so couples have great options which can accommodate everyone’s budget, from the luxury hotel and apartment to the B&B and hotel.  Most of the accommodation on offer is centrally located so it is possible for your guests to stay as close as possible to you and to the main historical sites without spending a fortune to get from one place to the other.

Finding a place where it is possible to have your reception is another great offer.  Here again there are many places where this is possible and the list is endless.  Whether you are looking for the traditionally homemade Roman cuisine or the gourmet restaurant, there is something here for everyone.   There are places where the reception can be held in a private room or held outside in the open air… it is all subject to what your requirements may be.

Logistically Rome is easy… it is easy to get to from the airport and it is also easy to get around if you base yourself in the centre.

Rome is full of many things to see so it is truly impossible for your guests to get bored when they come to your wedding as there is just not enough time for them to see Rome and get bored…

The positives as you can see overcome the negatives however the one main thing to bear in mind about Rome is that marrying here is very much under demand so due to the increase in couples wanting to tie the knot here, Rome has decided that they will only confirm the date when the couple’s paperwork is received in Rome.  This rule applies to everyone however if you are confirming accommodation for guests and flights etc, this may not give you the surety that you require, however it is worth knowing that 10 out of 10 wedding requests get their requested date and time.

I hope that this has given you a better insight into considering Rome as a wedding destination as it is truly worth it and has something for everyone, whether you are eloping or want an extravagant celebrity style wedding, Rome is the ideal destination.

Weddings Made in Italy specialise in arranging weddings in Rome and honeymoon. Passion, knowledge, expertise, design, creativity, service and understanding is our motto. Visit for more information.

How to Make Your Kitchen Garden Free From Pests

Kitchen garden holds important position in one home. It is the key of good health of members of family. It really hurts when your kitchen garden get overpopulated with different types of pests. Don’t worry. There are various methods to make your garden free from pests and insects. You can follow organic and inorganic methods to control their population. But organic method will be good for your health and environment. However, if they are in excessively high population, you can use inorganic treatment to control them.

>> If there are many caterpillars in your garden, you can leave some frogs I the garden. They will eat all caterpillars in small time. After that you can catch these frogs manually. Try to leave big sized frogs in your garden. If there are snails in the garden, leave ducks. In this way, you can find ecological solution to remove many pests from your kitchen garden.

>> If there are insects and their larvae in the garden, leave some ladybugs and spiders. They are the natural enemy to many insects. But do not leave them at a time. Spiders can eat ladybugs. Ladybugs are useful pests and can kill many harmful insects and larvae. When ladybugs finish their tasks, employ spiders to kill them. You can easily trap spiders afterward.

>> Use organic spray to kill pests. Prepare spray by mixing juices of ginger, lemon and chili. It is a useful organic spray and can kill many harmful insects and pests easily.

>> You can spread some grains in your field to attract birds in the garden. These birds can eat up many insects. But keep a watch on them. They may also eat the fruits and vegetables of your garden.

>> You can also sprinkle mild insecticide powder in the garden. They can slowly kill the pests and at the same time will not disturb the nutrients of the vegetables and fruits.

>> If you are annoyed of birds, you can make scarecrow in the garden. Scarecrow is human like structure that is used to prevent crow entering the garden. The crow and other birds get afraid of entering field assuming that there is man standing in the field.

These are some methods used to make kitchen garden free from insects, pests and birds. However, if they are not getting controlled, you can take help of pest control methods. You can easily look for Pest Control in Gurgaon. There are many Gurgaon Pest Control organizations to check their population easily. They use effective strategy to control their population. Pest control Gurgaon based organization also use inorganic chemical to kill the pests when needed.

Amit is an author of Pest control related topics. He has been writing articles since long time. If you want to know more about Pest Control Gurgaon visit to

Worm Composting Tips From the Worm Whisperer

I’m sure many of you have heard of Cesar Milan, also known as the Dog Whisperer, but are you familiar with Vern Culteur the Worm Whisperer? Unlike his canine counterpart, Culteur is well versed and in tune with the ways of the worm and its needs for a successful and fruitful compost. Compost, you say? What in the world does a worm have to do with composting? Well, my friend let me tell you more…

According to Culteur, known to his friends as Verny the Wormy, worms play a vital part in the composting process. In fact, there’s an entire composting process called vermicomposting or vermiculture which involves food scraps, yard wastes and worms. When visiting troubled gardeners and composters alike, Culteur adamantly but gently tells each one that if they’re going to start composting with worms, then they’ll have to adapt to a few changes. For instance, one of the first mistakes that many novice composters make is using the wrong worm.

Earth worms, though commonly found in the soil of any backyard and along sidewalks on rainy days, make for great fishing bait but not for worm composting. The reason, Culteur explains, is that even though earth worms aerate the soil they don’t properly digest the organic matter and produce worm castings, which is what’s needed for composting. “The best worms to use in the composting world are red wiggler worms,” says Culteur. “Night crawlers work well, also, but they don’t tend to survive for long in too damp of an environment. You’d be better off with red wigglers.”

Culteur also mentions that in order to ensure a successful composting experience, you’ll have to keep your worms happy, which means you have to regularly feed them. “Things like banana peels, chopped up vegetable stalks and leaves, in addition to some grit like a cup full of soil and some newspaper strips will keep your worms feeding and wanting for more.” After a few weeks, you’re most certainly garanteed to have rich, black gold known as worm castings to add to your garden’s soil. Before concluding, Culteur made sure to add, “Unlike dogs, you won’t have to maintain who’s the boss in this relationship; your worms will be the hardiest of workers!”

Need some compost bins, wood chippers or even a lawn sweeper? Stop by today!

Tips to Prevent Fire from Occurring in The Workplace or Home

Although we can do our utmost to prevent fires from happening by isolating the sources of heat from combustibles and oxygen, it is often the unexpected event that catches us unawares.


Sometimes, forgetfulness can result in an accidental fire. Putting a kettle to boil water on a gas stove and forgetting about it can be disastrous. When all the water has evaporated, the kettle becomes red hot, melt and spread the molten metal around.

LPG gas leaks are also dangerous. If the fuel and air mixture is in just the right proportion, an explosion can occur when a heat source is introduced in. Many accidents have occurred when a light is switched on in an explosive environment. The correct thing to do then is to free the room of any gas by shutting off the source of the gas and letting in more fresh air into the room.

Chemical reactions can also cause heat and fire. Mixing acids and alkalis, mixing components of some household glue like epoxy resins and hardeners can generate quite a substantial amount of heat that can lead to fires. The containers used and the amount of chemical used can have a great effect on the heat produced. Plastic containers are known to melt and burn when large quantities of thermosetting plastics like epoxies are mixed with hardeners.

Fires are also known to be started by the careless smokers who throw lighted cigarette butts indiscriminately. Many bush fires are started this way. Some areas are especially vulnerable to careless acts like these. People working in the garage at home should be very careful not to cause a fire, especially with open petrol cans and other volatile fuels around them. Sometimes, smokers fall asleep while smoking, and their bed or sofa catches fire. The rubber foam mattress used for bedding can catch fire easily.

Although most electrical equipment is quite safe as far as fire is concerned, the use of sub standard and poorly designed equipment may give rise to overheating and fires. Carelessness in the area of electrical appliances can cause fires as well as electrical shocks. Many households use multiple power points because they have many electrical equipment that must be used at the same time. Videos, television, fans, radios, and fancy lights may occupy only one electrical socket. When a multiple adapter is used, usually the connection pins cannot be fitted very tightly. The loose power connections are a source of sparking and deterioration of the insulation materials and can lead to fires.

This will be worst if high powered appliances are used because the electrical current drawn from these will be very much higher and so the wires and connections gets hotter.

Preventive Measures

Since we know that all the three conditions of heat, fuel and oxygen must be present in order for a fire to start; our basic fire prevention strategy must be to keep them isolated from each other. Heat sources must be kept away from combustible materials and if possible, from oxygen.

We should take a critical look at all the sources of heat in the home. They are the potential fire hazards. It is good to make an audit of our own homes and make a list, or at least be aware of all the heat sources in the home. Electrical wiring, appliances, gas stoves, kerosene lamps, candles, electrical light bulbs, ovens, electrical kettles, barbecue fires, burning garden refuse, and so on, are some of them. Even spells of dry weather should be looked at with vigilance.

The sources of heat are many. Below are some of the sources of heat that we have to exercise caution, so that we can be especially careful not to let them come into contact with combustibles:

Kitchen Gas Appliances – The normal appliances in the kitchen are the gas stoves, and the kerosene stoves. These are normally safe, efficient and seldom gives trouble. However, the conditions of the kitchen stoves are often spoilt by spillage of soups, gravies, and other food materials from the cooking processes. After a long time of use, and especially with cooks who do not take special precautions, the gas stove become blackened with carbon, oil and other debris. Gas orifices and nozzles get choked up. Carbon deposits pile up. The carbon deposits become its other source of fuel. The soot fire can burn if it is heated long enough.

The environment in a busy kitchen can make it a fire risk. Gas hoses are especially prone to deteriorate if the material used can be attacked by the presence of oil. Cooking oil is ever present in the kitchen environment. Hoses coated by a layer of oil will produce leaks. Any leak in the gas hoses is dangerous. It can shoot flames of fire all around the place uncontrollably and spread the fire.

Do a regular check on your gas hoses and service your gas stove regularly.

Electrical Installations and Appliances – Mains electrical wiring and their components can be a hidden source of heat that can cause a fire. Sometimes, due to loose contacts in the terminals of electrical switchboxes, some sparking will occur. If this is not found out early and rectified, the sparking will become worse, and the heat produced becomes more. Carbonization of the insulation materials will occur. Once the carbon gets deposited on the insulation materials, it becomes a conductor of electricity. Short-circuiting of the electrical wiring will occur leading to overheating of the wiring. If the electrical protection devices do not work, the overheating will cause the insulation materials of the wiring to even melt or decompose. When the decomposition gases given out by the insulation materials catch fire, the whole house can be burnt down.

Do a regular check up of your electrical wiring in your house, and quickly call in a qualified electrician to rectify any fault.

Electrical appliances also have to be used properly. When people modify equipment indiscriminately, sometimes they leave out or bypass certain safety features put in by the manufacturer. Appliances can become overheated and cause burning. It is better not to do any modification unless you know what you are doing.

Do not do bypass any safety feature in any electrical appliance.

Burning of candles, garden refuse, incense, mosquito coils and other open burning – The sources of heat is quite obvious. When we do any open burning, make sure that the source of heat is not able to reach other surrounding materials. It is good practice to clear the area before doing open burning. We must also think about how to control the fire if it gets too big. Be ready to dose the fire with water if it gets too big.

We know that we need a source of heat, a fuel, and oxygen in order to have a fire. Other than looking at all the places where we encounter sources of heat, it is good preventive practice to store easily combustible materials safely. Some materials do not need a lot of heat in order to ignite, while some materials can be kept at quite high temperatures without any fire occurring. We need to identify the easily combustible materials and keep them out of harms way.

Some materials in the home are known to be easily combustible. It is advisable to store these materials in a cool and isolated place away from the house if possible. Should a fire occur by any chance, they will have less opportunity to spread. Below are a list of commonly used inflammable materials in the home. However, the list is not exhaustible:

1. Paints, turpentine, spirit, aerosols for spray paints.
2. Kerosene, petrol, diesel, and other oils used for fuel.
3. Aerosols used for pesticides
4. Paper and wood, especially when dry
5. Vegetable oils used in cooking
6. Other solvents like nail polish

There are other materials that can catch fire if brought to a source of heat. Some of them are listed below. The best way to handle these is to do regular house cleaning to remove them.

Involving Others

Sometimes, even though we have taken all the precautions, fires can still come from a neighbor’s house. Sometimes, it can even come from the sky in the form of fireworks! Sometimes the sparks from a neighbor’s rubbish fire can fly over to your own home and cause a fire.

So it is simply not enough that you alone know how to prevent fires. The people around you should also know about fire prevention.

Everybody needs to be educated in fire prevention. When a fire happens in the neighborhood, there is a very real possibility that the fire can spread to the surrounding houses. It is essential that no fires at all start in any of the houses in the neighborhood or even the community.

When everyone understands the grave consequences of their actions, the fire risk becomes more manageable.

Children are especially high potential fire starters if they are not taught about the risks. With their natural curiosity, playing with fire comes naturally to them at some point in their life. Adults have the responsibility to impart the knowledge of fire prevention and the consequences of fire to them quite early in their growing up years.

In order for adults to have this knowledge themselves, the relevant authorities should organize courses on fire safety and fire safety awareness campaigns. The media, including newspapers, magazines, television and radio, has an important role to play in getting the message of fire prevention to the general public. Their message should be able to reach the masses and ingrain in them the importance of fire prevention.

The message of fire prevention should be delivered continuously over a long period of time. A fire safety campaign should only be considered successful when people considers fire prevention a natural thing to do. It must become habit and a daily way of life. Then only can lives and properties be secured.

The knowledge of fire prevention is even more important than fire detection and fire fighting. If a fire does not start, or is prevented from starting, there is no longer any need for fire detection and fire fighting. Everybody should be preventing fires even before it can start.

Is prevention enough?

Sometimes, we have done the best we can. We have isolated the sources of heat. We have stored away inflammable materials away from sources of heat. We have done whatever we can to the best of our knowledge.

Can a fire still start?

Incidents of fire can still happen. For example, a mouse in your house may decide to chew on your highly powered electrical wires, or a lizard may managed to crawl into your electrical switchboard and cause a short circuit, or the hot weather may cause the weeds and bushes around your house to catch fire.

So while steps taken for the prevention of fires will keep us safe most of the time, it is also good to be prepared in case a fire still starts despite our actions.

There are portable smoke detectors available in the market for those who want to have an early warning when a fire starts. This can in fact be considered prevention too – preventing a large fire. These smoke detectors will be able to alert the occupants about any small fires so that it can be put off before it becomes large and unmanageable. It can prevent loss of property and lives. Any fires detected early have a very good chance of being extinguished.

It is also good to keep a portable fire extinguisher at home for the purpose of putting out small fires. For the home, the most suitable portable fire extinguisher to keep is a dry powder extinguisher because it will be able to handle all the likely classes of fires found in the home. It can be used to put out fires involving solid materials like wood and paper, oils and even electrical fires without the risk of electrical shocks.

In conclusion, when we are able to instill awareness of fire prevention to all the people around us, we will have won the battle with fire. Fire becomes our ally and we can tap its benefits without worrying about its consequences.

Fire becomes our friend and not our foe.

Freddy Gardner has been a regular author on topics concerning business fire safety consultancy. Specialising in the practical application of the fire safety risk assessment process with 17 years experience as an operational fire safety officer.

MLM Traffic Formula Tips Learned From Mike Dillard

Outrageous value in this internet marketing course, MLM Traffic Formula, by Mike Dillard but it’s not cheap. This is “Mad Tom” Bell. I don’t think he would mind if I use his picture here because he contributed big time to the value of this course. Online, he had 1,117 people join his MLM in 8 days so he knows internet marketing.

Internet traffic to our website is extremely important but the MLM Traffic Formula course provides sooo much more that traffic tips. Traffic is one thing but then what is the next step? This lens is not only a review of Mike Dillard’s MLM Traffic Formula course, it is also extremely important follow-up tips to the MLM Traffic generated by the MLM Traffic Formula. Internet Network Marketing is Internet traffic generation, lead generation, and follow-up.

I can’t wait until you get your MLM Traffic Formula manual! It’s like Christmas!!

This lens is about Mike Dillard’s MLM Traffic Formula course. It’s a huge big manual of internet marketing education that comes in the mail. When you get it, it feels like Christmas!”

Here’s Some Of The Benefits In Mike Dillard’s MLM Traffic Formula Course:
MLM building blocks in this course are indeed sky-scrapper material for your business. These are not tiddly-wink tips.
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Terri-fic Traffic Tip #1 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Pay attention to Mr. SEO. This is Tim Erway. Isn’t he cute… He’s just a pup, a multi-millionaire pup. He is extremely successful marketing online. How does he do it!!?? Well, search engines love him.

They absolutely love him and he shares why in one of the CDs that comes with this course, so I don’t think he would mind if I use his picture here either.

Now here’s one of Mr. SEO’s secrets… to attract search engines, put key words in the title tag. See the blue bar at the very top of this page? See how I put MLM Traffic Formula in it twice? Now Tim Erway did not say to do that but I took what he and Mike Dillard teach to heart. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means we have to get their (the search engines’) attention.

Quite a few people in MLM have heard about this course. If they are thinking about buying it from Mike Dillard, they most probably will search google or some other search engine site by typing in “Mike Dillard’s MLM Traffic Formula.” When they do, I want the search engines to show them this lens. Type that into Google right now – I’m there!

One word of caution, this technique might be too obvious. It used to work but search engines become more and more intelligent every day. They might get the wrong idea and think that I’m trying to trick them. They might “think” that I’m not serious about providing good content in this Squidoo Lens and I could get banned by them.

Tim and Tom and Mike teach in MLM Traffic Formula, that SEO techniques must also include good writing and not just articles dense with keywords.
SEO 20/20 Vision: Anchor Text For Hyperlinks
SEO 20/20: Search Engine Optimization Vision 20/20
Terri-fic Traffic Tip #2 SEO 20/20 Search Engines And Hyperlinks

“I can see clearly now, the rain is gone.” How clear is “click here?” Every time you add a hyperlink, don’t use “click here” as the anchor text. Search engines really want clear direction, and frequently used text, keyword hyperlinks, clearly tells them what the content of your web site is . They do not like or pick up on “click here.”

For faster success, MLM Traffic Formula teaches us to not just go for the most common keywords. They are very “competitive,” meaning words or phrases most often searched.

For example,if you type in a very competitive keyword like “SEO” as your search term (keyword) there are thousands of people doing the same thing. That means “SEO” is highly competitive. Tons of people are using “SEO” in their hyperlinks and tons of people type that in as a search term.

I have an ezine article about SEO and marketing psychology. I don’t want that much competition trying to get search engine attention. So instead of SEO, my strategy was to title my article with a keyword phrase that is less competitive.

I used the keyword phrase “SEO 20 20″ for the title of my article.

SEO 20 20 is typed in by fewer people, but not that few. A lot of people who know about Charles Heflin’s website, SEO20/20, will type in some form of SEO 20 20. Well, it worked! If you googled “SEO20/20″ today, you would find me on page one!! How cool is that!

So to review, if you are going to link to a site with your readers, instead of saying “click here” with a hyperlink to your blog, link to your blog with KEYWORD anchor text like this: “Visit my blog for more Internet network marketing traffic tips.”
MLM Traffic Formula Includes High Octane Quality
If You Build It, They Will Come
Terri-fic Traffic Tip # 3 Add Frequent Quality Content

Another strategy that Mr. SEO Tim and Mike Dillard promote is adding a site map. And to even need a site map, we have to have LOTS of content on all of our websites, quality content.

A site map helps the search engines index your website faster. Google has free sitemap tools in their webmasters tour to help optimize your website for the search engines.

Tim’s site,, has a site map because he had added article after article after article. Having a lot of content and adding content frequently will help search engines find you.

Mike Dillard says, “Continually add content and inbound links. Getting organic search engine traffic is like growing a garden. It takes time and constant tending in the beginning. Add at least one new article to your blog per week until you have at least 30 to 50 pages.”

I would add, then you can take a break!

Once you build your marketing machine with high quality content linked into other high quality content, you are in the fast lane of internet traffic!! It’s ready for autopilot!

You can take a break and travel the world, because your internet marketing machine will be bringing in business from all over the globe. “If you build it, they will come!” To discover long lasting residual income, buy MLM Traffic Formula and then get to work. Work hard building your internet marketing machine, and then you can take a break, travel the world while your machine makes money! Tom Bell calls it “The Magic Slot Machine.” :)
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Hydroponic Gardening What makes it Different from InGround Gardening

What makes hydroponic gardening different from traditional in-ground gardening is a soilless growing medium. No dirt! All plants require support, to be held up. This basic requirement is dealt with by soilless growing mediums which are inert, mostly non-organic materials.  Non-organic refers to the medium not being derived from living organisms, unlike soil, which is. There are a perplexing jumble of growing mediums available for hydroponic gardening. Generally speaking, these mediums are porous, light and coarse, allowing oxygen and nutrients to be easy accessible  to the plants roots.

Some of the most common used in hydroponic gardening are:

Coconut Coir ~ This is produced from the husk that surrounds the coconut shell. Made up of millions of tiny micro-sponges, it can absorb and hold up to eight times its weight in water, perfect for hydroponic gardening. It lasting three times as long as peat moss so is fairly sturdy. It is also called palm peat, coco, or just coir.  Some of the advantagesof this medium  for hydroponic gardening are better water retention and aeration.  The disadvantages of coconut coir are its breakdown after several uses and some drainage issues.  It is often mixed with other media to improve drainage for hydroponic gardening.

L.E.C.A / Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate ~ This is clay which has been heated under high temperatures until it puffs up.  It makes a very coarse medium as the clay balls are about 1/4″ across. Superb drainage, holds moisture, stays put and is reusable after sterilization to continue with your hydroponic gardening. These are just some of the advantages of this medium. On the downside, it doesn’t hold moisture as well as mediums like coconut coir and can be more costly.

Perlite ~ Glass flakes (Silica) are heated until it expands producing what we know as perlite. These tiny nodules hold water well and provide drainage. A common medium for hydroponic gardening due to its low density and somewhat lower cost.  Its advantage is its re-usability. That being said, it cannot be used alone for ebb & flow hydroponic gardening because it will float away or move during flooding cycles.

Rockwool ~ These cubes are made of fibers spun from melted Basaltic rock. The density of this growing medium for hydroponic gardening can be adjusted by changes in the amount of pressure during production. Large slabs are cut into smaller slabs and propagation blocks for easy handling in hydroponic gardening.  Advantages of this medium are the ease of handling, convenience, better control over nutrition, being able to plant seeds in it and allow the plants to be very stable.

So you see, soil  is not necessary for growing plants and you have plenty of other choices for your hydroponic gardening.  There are many other ways to germinate a seed  and support a plant.  What is vital is water, food, light, warm and oxygen. As long as you provide these things, plus the support, your plants will grow and flourish. Visit to find all these choices and supplies for successful hydroponic gardening. is a website dedicated to hydroponics information and supplies. Find all you need for successful hydroponic gardening and a healthy lifestyle.

How To Start Plants From Organic Gardening Seeds

Are you interested in gardening and you do not know yet where to start? There are various ways on how you can start and create your own garden. One type of gardening can be done by making use of natural methods and using organic based products in its propagation. This type pf gardening is known as organic gardening, and you will utilize organic gardening seeds to create this.

You have to make use of organic seed in the creation of your organic garden. This is because organic seeds are produced in a way that is free from exposure and treatment of commercially prepared products, which contain chemicals. And, as organic garden seeds grow and cultivated with the utilization of environment friendly methods and products, you will be certain that they are safe to eat by humans.

Commercially prepared or synthetic products maybe very effective in the eradication and control of pests and unwanted weeds, and they maybe very successful in stimulating the growth and development of your plants. But we cannot really judge if they are safe or not to the human body. And, majority of these synthetic products causes a lot of trouble in the environment because they contribute in the creation of pollution. Thus, it is highly recommended to make use of organic gardening seeds to make your own garden, and you have to institute natural methods and organic based products in the propagation of organic seed.

You can start growing your organic seeds by following these simple steps:

1) You have to prepare a good soil mixture to your organic gardening seeds. You have to make sure that the soil mixture has good soil drainage and good aeration properties so that water sill not be congested and prevent drowning of your organic seed.

2) Make sure that the soil can support the growth and development of the organic seeds. It should have enough nutrients so that it will grow well. You can apply organic based fertilizers to supplement the growth of your oeganic garden seeds. Organic fertilizers can be made from compost, animal manures, green manures, domestic wastes, agricultural by-products and processing wastes, and industrial wastes.

3) Provide sufficient amounts of water so that as these organic gardening seeds grow, they will have ample moisture that is necessary to their growth and maturation process. And, they will no as well experience dehydration on the process of development.

4) You have to make sure that these organic seeds will receive adequate amounts of sunlight, especially if there are starting to have their own leaves. Sunlight will help the growing organic garden seeds to produce their own food, which is vital to their growth and survival.

5) You have to make sure also that your growing organic gardening seeds will be free from pest infestation and competition of nutrients from weeds. You can control the increasing number of pests by attracting beneficial insects to your garden. They will surely help you control the pests that can possibly damage your growing organic seeds. You can also make use of proper gardening tools to remove unwanted weeds in your organic garden.

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Organic Food Definition From Plants And Chemicals

While most of us have heard about organic foods we may not have that much of an idea about what this term means. So where can you get this information without getting bogged down by the technical jargon. There are a number of different places like dictionaries, encyclopedias, television shows and even the internet. The main item to remember when you are looking for organic food definition is in many cases the standard answer.

The first thing to understand about organic food definition only covers the tip of the iceberg as the saying goes. Well the basics of organic food is quite simply food that is grown without any sort of man made substances being poured over it, around it and even inserted under it. The condition for the growing of the organic matter has to be composed of 100% natural environment.  

Now that we have covered the organic food definition is short we should take a closer look at this subject. For any food to be classified as being an organic food it needs to be free from all genetically modified internal cell structures. The plant must be like the ones that you see growing in the wild – but ones that we can eat without getting poisoned – and their inner cell structure should not have been tampered with.

Next the land that you are choosing to plant these 100% organic plants should be absolutely free from all traces of chemicals. To allow the land time to recover from the abuse of these harmful products like chemicals and pesticides you should uproot any chemically treated plants. Then you will need to leave the land alone for about 2 to 4 years.

This time period will allow the land to recover from the various chemicals which were heaped on it. Once you are sure that the land is ready for planting begin by fertilizing the land with organic fertilizers. These fertilizers will help prepare the land for plants. The first phase of organic food definition includes the preparation of the land where the food is to be grown.

Now you can plant your organic plant into the soil. Using only techniques which are healthy for your garden or land you should make sure that friendly bugs and plants are used to protect your garden’s harvest from plant hungry insects.

The entire combination package of chemical free land, organically produced plants and environmentally safe pesticides – read spiders and ladybugs here – along with protective, sweet smelling (to us that is) plants is what is ultimately meant by the organic food definition.

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